Air Pollution And Its Effect On Our Health Essay

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Imagine a world ruled by smog; the skies trapped in a blanket of smoke from the industrialized environment, and the air is toxic to breathe. Is this a world you would want to live? Probably not, but that is the reality for most cities around the world. As our world becomes more industrialized, Air pollution takes a toll on the environment and in effect it begins to impact our health. Air Pollution is a rising concern around the world because some countries have it worse than America.

In this day and age, Air Pollution is very common especially among the busy cities of the world. There are many different types of Air pollution; Smog, Acid rain, methane and outdoor air pollution are the biggest contributors to air pollution. Smog is the release of chemicals into the air through factories and vehicles; Acid rain occurs when chemicals are mixed in with the moisture together with other particles in the air causing it to rain Acid. This Acid rain can rain in on crops and other food sources that rely on rain, making the food we eat toxically. Some of these pollutants in our environment include cars, trucks, coal-burning energy plants, and incinerators; all of which are the biggest causes of health issues. (Collin).

In addition, there are many health effects caused by air pollution, some of which are fatal and dangerous to your health. Some of the problems caused by pollutants include lung disease, heart disease, and respiratory illnesses, all of which that could to death.…

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