Air Of The City Of Angels Essay

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Air in the City of Angels: by Anonymous


Oh, good old Los Angeles-- the inspiration for euphemisms like “June Gloom” (um, Chinese soot perchance?), bigger, faster, multi-laned highways, and the subject of many songs, not least of which, of course-- the eponymous “Walking in LA” by 1980 's one-hit wonder, Missing Persons. I believe that is was during the very first unit of this course that I 'd been directed toward the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) MyClimate webpage and examine the data for our respective home-turfs, for the Discussion Forum. My response was ambivalent, to be honest. I compared my current zip-code with many others- previous zip-codes, previous dwellings, and, to my chagrin, each one, categorically, had a better record than Los Angeles, with regards to air pollution. Using the EPA 's “Air Compare” tool, I found that during 2014, among five counties in five different states, Los Angeles was the only one to experience even a single day of pollution so bad it was deemed “unhealthy” for the general population-- and last year in LA, there were fourteen such days.

Air Quality in Los Angeles

Despite a growing population of well-intended Los Angeles residents, it is a well-known fact that our air quality is among the worst in the United States. Home to over one thousand power plants (, 2015) and 77,000 acres of farmland (, 2015) statewide, California is ridden with pollution. But the city itself is unique; too many…

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