Air Force Reserve Essay

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Joseph P. Burrow
David Benz
MKT 553
6 January 2004
Air Force Reserve – Above and Beyond The following paper will compare and contrast the appropriate use of different components of marketing communications, addressing challenges of integrated messaging. I will focus on a smaller component of the Air Force that specifically targets a different market. I will assess how the Air Force Reserve has integrated and unified their marketing materials. The Air Force Reserve is a separate command within the total force structure of the Department of the Air Force. The Air Force Reserve adds the additional strength of nearly 75,000 personnel to the active duty Air Force strength of 365,000. I choose to explore this section
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In August of this year, the Air Force Reserve began a direct mail recruiting campaign to prior military service members. This campaign targeted thousands of inactive Army soldiers, Navy sailors, and marines. This campaign was hugely successful, with numerous applicants taking the reserve up on their officer to join the active reserve. It also showcased the contracted advertising agency, TMP Worldwide. TMP Worldwide’s specialty is recruitment advertising and they rolled out a two phase campaign. The first phase of the campaign featured print advertising in military publications. The second phase featured the direct mail campaign to inactive military members advising potential recruits that their previous military service, regardless of service branch, is compatible with Air Force Reserve duty. Research, conducted by TMPW, showed that there was a misperception about reserve participation, so they agency designed several brochures to pique the reader’s curiosity as each section unfolded. I have enclosed some examples of the brochures and publications that the Air Force Reserve currently has in its inventory. You can plainly see the slogan “Above & Beyond” on nearly every brochure, folder, poster, and even the recruiters business card. All of the brochures are integrated with the same bright blue, white and red colors. The brochures always ensures the individuals have an easy way to be placed into

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