Air Asa Case Study

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1.1Discuss the range of decisions to be taken. The first type of decisions that need to be taken are structured decisions, for Air Asia is a low-cost airline based in Malaysia. The slogan of Air Asia is “Now everyone can fly”. It is an example of structured decision due to the plainly characterized and no space for elucidation and is essential to settle on organized choice so that organization misfortune or negative association advancement can be averted. The strategic level will take over the non-structured decision too. This is because the non-structured decision are some organizational choices made by the managers inside of their authority according to the organizational policies, goals, strategies and procedures for instance …show more content…
Information technology enables customer to access information easily only by clicks. With this technology, Air Asia didn’t have to prepare room for negotiation so customer had strong bargaining power.
Power of Suppliers Supplier just pack in few hands. On account of there are just couple of suppliers in market, this has expanded the bargaining force of supplier. Just the person who increasing most dealing force could be flying machine supplier as there are just two in operation, Boeing or Airbus. The other supplier are fuel supplier, sustenance supplier and more may be rely on upon economic situation.

Rivalry among existing firms. In these day and in every industry there is some negative and positive trends, airline industry has limited customer so growth rate is not too high, and so Air Asia has to try to be winner between its competitors. Air Asia offers flights with lower price that other companies, but there are some companies that also offer service by the same price such as tiger Airways and firefly and also these companies provide service with the same level of Air Asia so, in this case rivalry among existing competitor is quit high to Air
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For instance, Air Asia distributes its yearly provide details regarding aggregate deals, benefit and misfortune, credits, wages to workers and more which are a samples' percentage of data that stream upward. The legitimacy of this yearly report is vital as though it is legitimate and precise, it will unquestionably acquire trust so that more financial specialist will put resources into Air Asia’s shares. Next, internal source of data are the operational units in Air Asia. For example, promoting division, money related office and that's only the tip of the iceberg. They give sorts of critical data and the data must be in convenience and area as the organization can get any imperative data whenever, anyplace when they require it. Next, commercially available databases. Air Asia can do some research of information to help them to increase the sales as well as level of interest in their business from the database by paying them. This will helps to run AirAsia,s business as the information got from the research are accurate and reliable. This is one type of external source of information worth paying for as it is absolutely essential to be sure about accessing relevant information to prevent false decision making which will cause a big loss to the

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