Essay on Aids During Sub Saharan Africa

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AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa
AIDS is one of the most devastating diseases that mankind is ever infected with. Unlike cancer and other deadly diseases which could be referred to as diseases of old people, AIDS is not only deadly but also destroys the society of the infected people as this disease is more prevalent with the youth. No one knows for certain when and how the disease originated but there are many hypothesis on how it originated, one of them is that the disease was transmitted to human from primates and the first cases of infection were in southern Cameroon. The disease is associated with the dietary practice of the first victim which is flesh of infected Chimpanzees. Once the disease was transmitted to the humans from primates, HIV passed on to other healthy people through the transfer of contaminated bodily fluid through various practices, one of which was sex. The disease was limited to the isolated resident of the rural areas until the urbanization during 20th century, which caused more people to move the urban turned rural areas and also cause the movement of infected people to other places. This triggered the spread of the disease to more people. According to WHO (World Health Organization), approximately 36.9 million people all over the world are infected by HIV in 2014 and over 2 million new infection are reported in 2014 globally. HIV has claimed more than 34 million lives so far. According to Wikipedia, the human immunodeficiency virus and…

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