Aids And Accusation By Paul Farmer Essay examples

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Aids and Accusation
Aids and Accusation, written by Paul Farmer, is a book that truly captures and describes the epidemiology and history of HIV/AIDS in Haiti. Farmer’s immergence into the Haitian community during his research, alongside his educational background as a medical anthropologist and physician, contributed greatly to his approach of providing a deeply holistic understanding of HIV/AIDS in Haiti to the public for the first time (Farmer 2006:253). Through ethnographical, epidemiological and historical data, Farmer shows how the effects of social inequalities, such as racism and poverty, were the main contributors of how the suffering, illness, disease, and violence effects of HIV/AIDS were distributed amongst people in Haiti, and why these people were so vulnerable and/or at risk to the arrival and spread of HIV/AIDS.
One of Farmer’s main concerns was to show which factors established the highly popular American consensus and stigma of the 1980-90’s that Haiti was the epicenter of HIV/AIDS. He recalls, “some authorities claimed, for example, that HIV came to the United States from Haiti- the little Africa off the coast of Florida” (Farmer 2006:xii). To explain this blame placed onto Haiti, Farmer uses the idea of structural violence, which he broadly defines as any structural framework that makes certain people in a society more vulnerable and susceptible to suffering, violence, and disadvantages (Farmer 1996:278). To describe why Haitians were more at risk for…

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