Essay on Aids : An Invisible Dead

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AIDS, an invisible dead can change life and families of people who get infect. AIDS is the final form of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). This virus attacks and weakens human resistance and killing millions of people each year. There are millions of people living with AIDS today, about 60% of people in Africa got infect. People are living in fear because AIDS is easy to spreading and there is no medicine to stop this illness. During the AIDS Day Speech on 2006, President Obama gave a speech about AIDS. In this speech, Obama told audiences an emotional story about a woman in Africa, who lost her family members one by one because of AIDS. He also talked about his experience on his trip to Africa and visited a hospital with AIDS victims. Obama emphasized on heartbreaking stories and how AIDS can change people life to make people pay attention, have a common knowledge on AIDS, and gain people support to stop this illness. Obama started his speech with a mention of health crisis, and this crisis is still growing throughout human history. He also mentioned that there are many resources from governments, philanthropy, and hope from people to stop this disease. After mentioned those points, President Obama said: “We should never underestimate how powerful the passion of people of faith can be in eradicating this disease.” By started his speech this way, Mr. Obama wants to show the audiences there are people fighting this disease, and the motivation, trust, passion of…

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