Agritourism In Co Kildare Ireland Case Study

I will be exploring the question on how much Agritourism is there evident in Co Kildare Ireland. I will examine the different type of Agritourism in this area. I will evaluate the positives and negatives of having these businesses in Kildare, why it is important to use these facilities and why is it important to support Irish farmers. Co Kildare is an area in Ireland that is known for its farmland. There is vast fertile land that attracts good farming practices. These practises however sometimes cannot support these farmers solely and they have to expand their business. They do this by introducing different type of tourism to their farm. For example in many farms in Kildare there are food shops on them selling their product and
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In the last two decades in the Czech Republic there has been major change as socio-economic and political change took place during this time. Before 1989 there was hardly any development of tourism in the country never mind and agritourism being present as it did not grow until the transformation of the political system. This has therefore changed the Czech countryside leaving it open to society to claim the space. Slowing farming is fading out in the countryside which is putting pressure on the price of food as there is a market opening for international competitors. This is why some Czech farmers have turn to diversify their farms. Yet diversification is still a slow process in the Czech Republic compared to North America and Western Europe. They diverse and turn to agritourism as they have no other choice to gain a steady income. They diversify their farms by offering many different activities and facilities, for example accommodation, leisure and catering. The growth of agritourism in Czech is very slow compared to the rate of its neighbouring countries of Poland or Slovenia yet again due to the poor political system. As a country it must diverse to keep up with the demand and to keep up with other countries. In an article by Domeova, L., Jindrova, A. (2011) they state that in the Czech countryside that one in three accommodations for example B&B’s are connected to agriculture some way. Also other way farmers diversify their farms but still keeping the business close to what their farm does would be horse riding, hunting or fishing. Agritourism is a great way to develop the countryside and also it is a great way to educate people. Some organic farms are found to use their land for this purpose. They open wildlife reserves serving the purpose of the animals yet playing apart as a popular tourist destination. Wilson, G. A (2009) stated in his 2009 article that it is crucial for farmers to diversify

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