Agriculture Pollution Is Becoming A Problem Essay

1675 Words Nov 8th, 2015 null Page
Agriculture pollution is becoming a problem even though with advanced technology we are able to make safer chemicals to be used on farms. But the use of fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides is still unsafe to be used on agriculture. As the culprits are becoming more and more resistant to these chemicals, more is required; even with safer chemicals too much of them can cause adverse affect on the person who eats food containing even traces of these chemicals. Agricultural practices seriously affect ground water. Agricultural contaminants can be a result of routine applications spillage or misuse of pesticides and fertilizers during handling and storage, manure storage spreading, improper storage of chemicals and irrigation return drains serving as a detect conduct to ground water. Fields with over applied or misapplied fertilizers and pesticides can introduce heavy metals. Examples of heavy metals are nitrogen, cadmium, chloride, mercury, and selenium, which can be very toxic into the ground water. Agriculture practices are considered to be a major cause of ground water contamination. Contamination may also occur when chemicals are stored in uncovered areas, unprotected from wind and rain, or are stored in location where the ground water flows from the direction of the chemical storage to the well. Mixing and distributing pesticides and fertilizers with irrigation water can cause ground water contamination if more chemicals are applied than crops can use. Irrigation…

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