Essay Agriculture Is An Essential Foreign Investment Sector

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Agriculture is an essential foreign investment sector which Australia easily provides. Due to the natural resources and land, it has been recorded in 2014 that agricultural land of total land in Australia was at 52.80 per cent (World Bank AU, 2014). This sector proves for huge future development in foreign investment flows, but as seen in Figures 5 and 14, the FDI stock of a total of $700 billion and above, the agricultural is shown to have only $1.3 billion in 2014. While in terms of approved proposed investment, agricultural showed to have a mere 2.1 per cent of the entire sector. Clearly, this is an area for destined for tremendous potential for growth in the future of Australian foreign investments (FIRB, 2015).
The government is currently seeking views on proposed national registers of foreign ownership for water access entitlements. This will further enhance transparency of foreign ownership in the agricultural sector in the Australian economy, particularly following entry into various free trade agreements. For instance, a dramatic increase in food exports has occurred since the entry of the Australian and Korean free trade agreement. This was placed in 2015, in which Australian exports of fresh beef to Korea increased 37% to $396.6 million, and exports of fresh cherries increased 1,105% to $4.3 million (DFAT.GOV, 2015). Comparably, Japan also had an economic partnership agreement with Australia. As a result, Australian exports of fresh table grapes to Japan have…

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