Agriculture And Water By Ashman & Puri Essay

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Agriculture and Water
Ashman & Puri (2002) state that water is vital, not only for humans as drinking water but also to plants and animals. Water delivers vital nutrients to plants and is the foundation of our ecosystem (Ashman & Puri, 2002). Furthermore, Feehan (2003) also states that water is vital as water present in our soils, streams and rivers and follow the lie of the land. According to Feehan (2003) a typical farm is a water catchment and the activity of the farmer will affect water quality in the surrounding rivers or streams.
Bartram & Balance (1996) states that a monitoring programme covers the water course system of a catchment area. According to Bartram & Balance (1996) a catchment area is the area from which all water flows to the water course. Groundwater enters the water course system from a groundwater catchment area (Bartram & Ballance, 1996). Feehan (2003) states that groundwater is a long term store of water that feeds rivers and streams. As water moves through the aquifer it is naturally filtered and purified (Feehan , 2003). According to Harrison (1999) groundwater accounts for 1.05% of the Earths water.
Manahan (2011) states that the role of water in the environment is clearly understood in the hydrologic cycle. Manahan (2011) explains that the hydrologic cycle is solar powered with solar energy evaporating water mainly from the oceans to produce water vapour. The water vapour is carried through the atmosphere by air and wind currents and forms small…

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