Agriculture And Trade : Seeds For Society Essay

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Agriculture and Trade: Seeds for Society Human society in the time before 11,000 BCE looked much the same regardless of location. All human’s shared the same never ending desire to satiate their hunger in the quest for food. Within the constraints of a hunter-gatherer lifestyle humanities penchant for diversity and ingenuity had little room for flourishment. With no permanent refuge and no place for storage besides your own person, only the essentials to life could be taken with you. Because of this, material possession was almost unheard; a person’s merit was judged by how well they hunted, not by how much they had. (Cole, 5) For civilization to develop, and for humanity to unleash the true power of the developed mind, radical change was needed. The end of the Ice Age unlocked the door to a sustained food production by the means of agriculture. Humans began to till the land giving birth to the area now known as the Fertile Crescent was born. From agriculture the life and culture of these people bloomed into a complex web of social hierarchy and specialization. Civilization, culture, and our way of life became dictated by fertility of the land. The growth of settlements meant that no longer did everyone have the need to work the same job. The specialization that developed played a key role in shaping civilization. (Standage, 24) Craftsmen created pottery to store grain, giving birth to art. Religious leaders became needed to please the gods, assuring a good harvest.…

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