Agriculture And Rural Development : The Food Price Crisis Essay

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It was the food price crisis in 2008 that made evident to the international community that food se-curity can be a complex threat to society. Since that moment, food waste gained great international relevance being considered in 2011 by the Agriculture and Rural Development –European Commis-sion as important as energy efficiency (EU Res. 2011/2175(INI)). FAO among other institutions re-ported that global limitations on food availability would exist in the upcoming years up to 2050, which, combined with current food waste, results in an unethical world-feeding situation. FAO’s report in 2011 exposed that in Europe about 95-115 kg of food per capita and year are quantified as wasted. That is, one-third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted every year (FAO 2011). As a result, food waste started to be considered as an environmental, economic, social and food security problem (Kosseva 2013; Stuart 2009). Furthermore, the Rio +20 conference in 2012 already recognized the need to significantly reduce post-harvest and other food losses and waste throughout the food supply chain (A/RES/66/288. ‘‘Resolution adopted by the General As-sembly: The Future We Want.’’) (UNCSD 2012). The report declared that food security needs an efficient food management system that must be developed at both societal and individual levels, paying special attention to resource consumption, food consumption and waste management.
Despite the spread of initiatives attaining at a proper…

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