Essay on Agriculture, Agriculture And Biological Sciences

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According to a January 2012 study, approximately 11% of college freshman had declared a major within the fields of agriculture and biological sciences, based on statistics presented by the National Science Foundation, just in time for the predicted need for agriculture productivity to rise by almost 70% to continue to feed our world’s growing population by 2050. Now, you may think these statistics may be boring or mundane, but I can promise you, the field of agriculture is not! Today it encompasses so much more than just cows, sows, and plow to feed, clothe, and shelter over seven billion people across the world every year, which there is an increasing need for qualified college graduates in agriculture in related fields to maintain. Now, here in the sunshine state of Florida, agriculture is second only to tourism as the state’s largest economic sector, which many young people like me are involved in from an early age. Hundreds of high school graduates annually head off to study agriculture at the eighteen colleges and universities across the state that offer agriculture related degrees. They are often influenced by agricultural backgrounds, high school classes, 4-H/FFA programs, and even by high job placement rates within the field of agriculture, just as I was only one year ago for each one of these reasons. Through my journey as a high school senior preparing to study agriculture as a college student, I discovered that there are quite a few scholarship opportunities…

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