Agriculture Agricultural Production Is The Main Source For Developing Countries

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Agriculture is a practice of farming where it grows crops and nurture animals to provide food, wool, and other good products. The agricultural production is the main source for developing countries currency where those countries need to buy necessary machines and equipment for manufacture of agriculture. One of the most important crops in Asia agriculture production is the “miracle and amazing” rice that has been expanding for generation. As today’s society, many other countries around the world such as Africa has a difficult situation with acute food crisis that it might continue to threaten the population. Therefore, the agriculture sector is an important asset branch of economy especially for the majority of developing countries. Besides that, food plays as a basic need of the human body, the food primary nutrition and protein helps to maintain of normal development and growth. The human body is like a machine with an engine to burn up the fuels in order to produce energy, so this means the body demands food to generate the body system such as breathing, heart beating, and moving around.
More than three-quarters of starving people live in rural areas, practically in the villages of Africa and Asia. These countries have no possible source of income or labor; overwhelmingly they have to depend on agriculture for food. Around half of the worlds, “FAO calculates” hungry people are small farming communities’ household and trying to survive off marginal lands from natural…

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