Agricultural Geography And Its Impact On Economic Activity Essay examples

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Agricultural geography is another subfield of geography that plays an important part in our world today and has been very important since it began during the first Agricultural Revolution. Agriculture is thought of as the production of food for human consumption and can be classified into four types of economic activity to focus on what is being produced. Primary economic activity involves extracting resources directly from nature through events like mining, hunting, fishing, farming, and forestry. Secondary economic activity is manufacturing; taking primary products and changing them to something else such as toys, cars, processed foods, and buildings. Tertiary economic activity are services performed by bankers, doctors, teachers, nurses, cooks, and sales people, for example, that help people meet their needs. The last type of economic activity is quaternary, which is manipulating information and capital. This is done by people in finance, human resources, administration, and insurance. Classifying economic activity in a country is important because it can tell us about the employment structure and organization of production. Before agriculture, people depended on hunting, gathering, and fishing for subsistence. They would use their terrain and tools to help them cook and they would build fires for heat. When the First Agricultural Revolution took place, the world geography would be forever changed. This first revolution took place in areas of plenty, which are…

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