Aging and Social Conflict Essay

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Aging and Social Conflict Aging is the process of people growing older and all the changes that occur over the course of your life that can be understood through a social point of view. I have decided to explore the social-conflict approach society displays through aging, and the impact on society by relating the Frontline video clip we watched in class, “Living Old”. The social - conflict theory argues that individuals and groups, such as social classes within society have differing amounts of material and non-material resources such as wealth and poverty. As well as, it refers to various types of negative social interaction that may occur with social relationships and well being. For example rich vs. poor. I believe this has …show more content…
During times of economic inflation this would be very hard to live off of causing struggles to pay for food, rent, and other necessities for life. People are living longer than ever before and caring for one’s elder has become a serious problem in society. Many older people experience problems in daily living. Those difficulties restrict their ability to perform self-care. A lot of elder want to maintain an independent lifestyle, such as cooking, cleaning, banking, driving, etc. Studies have shown when this is taken away their health declines. Some elder are lucky enough to stay and die in their own homes. However, some elder are forced to move to assisted living or nursing home. I believe this problem will continue to get worse as the baby boomers reach retirement age. Not only does this affect society, it affects family members as well. For example, burden of care, elder family members' conditions and capabilities, caretaking and split responsibilities within family. There needs to be something done to meet the financial and social service burdens of the growing numbers of elders. Which raises a lot of questions and concerns. Either way I think work needs to be done to better understand the social impact of old age.

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