Aging, Place, And Technology Essay

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Aging, Place, and Technology: Toward Improving Access and Wellness in Older Populations
In this article, the author states that the place of residence may affect the probability of achieving a public health objective. As he further mentions, aging in place is considered the ability to live in one’s own home independently and comfortably. However, there are certainly many challenges and additional resources needed to satisfy the demands of everyday life particularly in the decline in health and functional ability. Nonetheless, Satariano explains about a growing interest with technological innovations, such as smartphones and remote monitoring devices that enhance aging in place and also improve access to technologies in older populations. There are two general categories: first is prevention, postponement, and early detection of outcomes, such as falls; and the second is promotion and maintenance, which are mostly associated with chronic diseases. The technologies range from information technological technology, individual mobile devices, environmentally based devices, and automobiles. Unfortunately, the author finds that there are challenges for these implementations, such as economical barriers, educational, and ergonomic circumstances that unfavorably affect many older adults. However, Satariano still hopes that technologies can offer the opportunity to reducing the concerning growing disparity of accessing affordable health care and increasing social isolation for older…

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