Aging Of Europe : Causes And Effects Essay examples

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Aging of Europe : Causes and Effects Europeans are facing the graying of their populations and fertility rates below replacement rate. The elderly population grows while the working age populations is in decline. Immigration is low in most European countries. The demographic current trend of working population decrease may lead to reduction of productivity. The elderly population may led to the medical, pension, and social systems to become overwhelmed. The European Union has goals of full employment and growth for all members and the decline in populations will derail these goals. The EU wants to put policies into effect that will encourage more childbearing, increase immigration of working age people where needed, and have more people in the workforce.

The on going refugee surge in to Europe from war torn areas of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Africa have led to hundreds of thousands of mainly young Muslim men trying to enter Europe in a short period of time. Europe has 27 of the 30 countries in the world that have the largest number of over their population over 65. Japan has a population of 26.3 % while Italy, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Finland and Bulgaria has 20% of the population over 65. In Germany and Italy the older population is already straining social services. Pasted immigration waves to Europe have changed the demographics and cultures with the North Africans in France, the Turks in Germany and the West Indians and Pakistanis in England. This current…

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