Aging Of Aging And Aging Essay

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Studies have shown that over half of the older adults in developed countries are showing normal aging habits, and that about 25 % of those are classified as optimal agers. Among those lifestyle habits associated with healthy, successful or optimal aging include eating healthy, getting regular exercise, having healthy life routines, and the life. The process of aging cannot be simply defined as the passage of time. Aging itself is the living manifestation of those biological events that occur over a certain span of time. Nonetheless, there is not a clear or perfect definition of aging. Theories of aging generally relate to either the process of aging itself, or with those medical issues that are encountered by the aging adult. These theories usually explain the progressiveness of the aging process, the losses of physiological functions, those losses in the individual that cannot be corrected, and the variables that show why those losses take place in all members of the same species. When talking about the social and psychological theories of aging, the study of behavioral changes in the individual is emphasized. Those sociological changes tend to refer to those changes that relate to the environmental influences that contribute to and affect the aging individual. All individuals, as they age, experience different life scenarios and changes, depending on the environment they find themselves in and in how such environments affect the individual. From a psychosocial…

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