Essay on Aging Is An Inevitable And Natural Process

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Aging is an inevitable and natural process. There are many types of aging that one can consider. According to researchers Rowe & Kahn, they focus on what is normal and successful aging (John W. Rowe & Robert L. Kahn, 1997, p. 433). Normal aging is the changes individuals go through that are not detrimental to ones wellbeing. With age, a human body function starts to slow down; bones weaken, hearing gets worse, etc. These factors have to do with ones genes and the way they live their lifestyle. Genes is heredity, which you can’t change and lifestyle is what you can change. Not everyone ages the same because of these factors. Successful aging is facing no chronic impairments that would disrupt ones every day life. Successful aging can mean different things to different people. This leads to having many different theories of what successful aging is. In the following three articles, each author relates to successful aging in different ways. “Successful Aging” by John W. Rowe, and Robert L. Kahn (1997), defines successful aging by having three domains that needs to be met. These domains are having “low disease and disability, function high functional level in being physical and cognitive, and engage with life” (John W. Rowe & Robert L. Kahn, 1997, p. 434). “Older Adults’ Views of “Successful Aging”-How do they compare with Researches’ Definitions?” by Phelan et al, defines successful aging by adding another domain which is including ones psychological and mental health. “A…

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