Essay about Aging Is A Natural Process

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Compassion is defined as when someone takes on the perspective of and feel the emotions of another person and has the desire to help. Aging is a natural process in life that can often lead to the need of help from others as either the mind or the body begins to deteriorate. Because aging can occur quicker than we anticipate, adjusting to the changes that accompany it can be a painful or traumatic experience for some. The elderly or their families don 't need sympathy, or to feel sorry for them, they need someone to understand and appreciate what they are going through. There are many attributes a person can possess, but the ability to take action from empathy is one of the most important qualities a person can discover as it can help those around them transition to the next stage of life.

For instance, imagine moving into a long term care facility where your home becomes a half of a room, you are expected to adapt to a new routine, and you are surrounded by strangers who are there to perform duties that was once private. Taking on the perspective of these changes in their lives is crucial in being able to help the resident transition into this new stage of life and form relationships. Most often, sitting down with the resident to listen to what they need to talk about, anticipating their needs, engaging them in an activity that they once loved, and making an effort to put yourself in their shoes helps them feel not so alone when interest is shown in who they…

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