Aging In Place Research Paper

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Horner, B., & Boldy, D. P. (2008). The benefit and burden of "ageing-in-place" in an aged care

community. Australian Health Review, 32(2), 356-65. Retrieved from

Location: ProQuest

Purpose and Key finding: The purpose of this article is to explore the residents’ desire to age-

in-place. The study showed that the residents considered aging in place as a critical element of

quality of life and an important component of social connection. Ageing-in-place also gives

stability and security. The desire to remain in own home depends on the physical environment

and personal situation. The study also revealed the burden of ageing-in-place on care givers,

family and the organization, and sufficient attention must also be paid to the wider impact on the
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Conclusions: In conclusion, ageing-in-place should be a desirable option for older people,

service providers need to ensure that sufficient attention is paid to the wider impacts on the

individual, the family and care givers. Aging in place is a commendable ideal - but should not

become a burden to any one; older adults as well as the caregiver.

Application: I plan to use this article to evaluate merits and demerits of aging in place and thus

find out is aging in place really cost effective.

Piau, A., Campo, E., Rumeau, P., Vellas, B., & Nourhashemi, F. (2014). Aging society and

gerontechnology: A solution for an independent living? The Journal of Nutrition, Health &

Aging, 18(1), 97-112. doi:

Location: ProQuest

Purpose and Key finding: The purpose of this article is to provide a narrative review of current

technology appropriate for older adults' home use. The article looked for two questions; what is

the evidence demonstrating that gerontechnologies are effective in enabling independent living?


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