Aging in Australia Essay

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Dylan Kowalchuk
Aging in Australia
Plymouth State University

This paper focuses on aging in Australia, the different policies and services for the aging population, and provides some examples about what it would be like to age in Australia. First, it is important to understand the age care policy in Australia. There are four different components to this policy: the old-aged pension system, pursuit of the aging-in-place policy, self-funded services and supports, and residential and frail aged care. The aged care policy in Australia is “built on the premise of independence and individualization and assumes that older people will remain in the community for as long as they are able to” (Gray & Heinsch, 2009, p. 108). In order to
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Finally, there is a portion of the aged care policy in Australia that addresses residential aged care. “Residential aged care is divided into nursing homes, now referred to as ‘residential aged care facilities’ (RACFs), where nursing care is required and aged care accommodation, where it is not a major service” (Gray & Heinsch, 2009, p. 112). Although residential care is used in Australia, it is still the goal to maintain the idea of aging-in-place. For example, it is often the case that once an elderly adult enters into a residential facility, they will remain in the same room (or at least the same space) for the entirety of their stay. Also, there can be self-care units, where it is encouraged that when an elderly adult enters any given residential care facility, they remain in the same facility as their physical or mental capacity worsens. In simpler terms, imagine that an elderly woman enters a residential care facility, but she can still walk around and remain somewhat active. As she continues to grow older and it becomes harder to be mobile, this individual would simply move to a different part of the given facility where there is more care provided; this maintains the idea of aging-in-place. The need for residential care facility for the aging population in Australia is quite prominent, as “At the end of June 2008, there were an estimated 175,500 aged care beds in Australia, an increase of 5,500 on the previous year. These ‘beds’ could

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