Aging Film Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… By asking the “brothers not to hurt or kill Derrick, Lamont went out of his way to protect Derrick. This act of caring could have put Lamont’s safety in jeopardy. This was a very unselfish act, and being unselfish is an issue of the middle adulthood stage. The act of speaking up for this white guy was an act of social activism, and helped contribute to the reformation that occurred to Derrick while he was locked up. Lamont showed his capacity for caring, and, in a sense, gave love without looking for anything in …show more content…
Aging in the film is viewed in a time span of about four years The biophysical aging of the characters in the film is slim. Except for Derricks baby sister, and the health issues of Derrick’s mother, the aging of the characters is not very much. The baby’s aging is more noticed because she grew from an infant, to a toddler. The mother’s aging was noticeable because her health deteriorated so much. The view of aging from a psychological point can be seen ,from Derricks perspective, as a full circle. Derrick was introduced as a young adult with good values and a person with an open mind. During the course of the film, Derrick went from a rational teen, to an irrational person filled with hate. It seems that Daniel took the same psychological ride as Derrick. The other characters remained at on a level psychological playing field. The skin heads may have become more radical, but that appeared to be because of the strength in numbers. The social view of aging in the film seemed to encompass the hatred of the time between two factions in a community in flux.The the presentation of community leaders trying to heal the community, the police captain and principal bob trying to enlist Derrick to help quell the possible uprising in the final scenes, also showed some social

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