Essay about Aging and Sexuality

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Many researchers often ask the question, "Is sex more important than life itself?" In my opinion, I think it could very well be. The procreation and continuation of our species and it' s evolution in life will play powerful roles in our development of our lifespan, health and well-being. The desire and intimacy intinct of a male and a female also contribute to the species success. The measures we take to advertise ourselves to the other sex is what's very species specific but unique when viewing sexual appeal. Popular theory of reason for the differences in gender of a woman; is that she is to be selective in the choosing multiple willing suitors to her one egg or offspring. On the other end of the continumn is the competing or …show more content…
Subsequently while the penis is erect, it will not be hard as it once was, and frequently an erection may be lost. The plateau phase for the male takes a longer time before ejaculating which can be an asset to the woman (Demeter 1998). Research indicates that the sexual complaints of older men are most often due to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation (Rob Jackson, Pure Intimacy) However, for women, these physical and physiological changes are not as great. As women age, they most often suffer sexual interference due to anxiety and depression or hormonal defienciencies (Johnson, 1998). Hormonal imbalances and reduced fertility are the inevitable changes that a woman in latter adulthood faces. The vagina can become thinner and changes in the color to a more pinkish tint. Its expansive abilities will become diminished involving length and width decrease. A reduction of lubrication can sometimes result in a painful intercourse or dyspareunia but can be treated. The plateau phase, as well as for the woman, are not as intense (Morrow & Leyton). Although in achieving multiple organisms is still possible for the women. Researchers have found significant differences in physiological and subjective arousal in males and female. "We find research in males having a very high correlation between their erectile response and how aroused they say they are, but in women we get low if any correlations"

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