Craft Industries Essay

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The operation and display of tools, people, materials, machine and information in order to create a desirable product with the right specification whose outcome and cost is attributed by measurable parameters is known as a manufacturing system (systemdesign, nd). Flexibility, capacity, lead time, efficiency, environment, volume and variety are a few of the various criteria through which the right product specification are successfully achieved ( ).
Craft industries where the early manufacturing industries in the early nineteenth century. They were classified as heavy weights, time consuming and react slowly to modification in the environment (Torlak, 2004). The use of committed production lines to aid the manufacturing
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The concept of agility and agile manufacturing is a new concept of managing production and services has been validated as the solution to surviving in the new global market (Toliusienè & Mankuté, …show more content…
1.3 Objectives

1. Explore the basic differences between traditional and agile manufacturing process
2. Define the roles and responsibilities particularly related to SRCUM.
3. Understand the nature of the production line paradigm and the difficulties involved in transition to agile manufacturing
4. To conduct a set of simulation, testing how different agile processes can change a production process can change a production process.
5. To develop a conceptual frame work /methodology that well support the transition to agile manufacturing on the production line.

2 Literature review
In the early 1950’s the use of product life cycle was implemented to describe various stages from design to production extinction, production growth, maturity and decline of a typical product in a manufacturing industries (projectlifecycles, 2010). Maximising profit was the main focus of managing a product life cycle (Inc,

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