Aggressive Driving Essay 2

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Ethan Sindall
J. Watts
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In today’s society driving plays an important role. It is a well sought out mode of transportation, rite of passage for teenagers, and a basic necessity. Driving is a symbol of freedom for teenagers who pass their driving test and get their license. Driving is also something serious and shouldn’t be taken lightly. In 2008 alone, traffic accidents that caused injury totaled at 32,769 accidents. Aggressive driving can be linked to this because aggressive driving is dangerous and never ends well for anyone. In the 1990’s the term road rage was coined by the media and was linked to the most violent events. An aggressive driver is defined as someone who operated a motor vehicle in a selfish,
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46%), as are drivers age 18-24 (67% vs. drivers 65 and older (30%). Drivers with children are more likely to respond aggressively (59%) versus those without children (45%), and cell phone users (59%) versus those who do not use a cell phone while driving (39%).
Road rage occurs everywhere in the United States, but unsurprisingly New York is rated number one for aggressive drivers. Other states throughout the United States have more than their share of examples of aggressive driving though. In Atlanta, Georgia a two year old toddler was shot through the neck by an irate motorist engaged in an argument over a road incident with the toddler’s father (The Atlantic Journal & Constitution, 30 June 2000). In Denver, Colorado a 51 year-old man used a .25 caliber semi-automatic pistol to kill a 32 year-old bicyclist who cut him off on the road (The Denver Post, 21 June 2000). In Florida, a 41 year-old man who pulled into an exact change lane at a toll booth was shot and killed as he exited his truck to confront an irate driver behind him who was annoyed at the 41 year-old’s delay in paying the toll (Car and Driver, September 1998.
The United States is not alone in their problems with aggressive drivers and drivers experiencing road rage though. In Israel, a driver was beaten to death after he cut off another driver in traffic (Los Angeles Times, 1 July 2000. In Jerusalem, July 1999 saw the stabbing death of a 36 year-old driver after he

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