The Agenda-Setting Theory

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This essay explains and evaluates that news not only facilitates considerations but also the thinking. The purpose is to emphasize the critical role of news to affect and shape mindsets of the mass. In the contemporary digital economic society, news generates plentiful data and information to affect daily social practices. Contents of news will be diversified, including economic, political, social, cultural, etc. When the whole society pays the most attentions to the news, which will be salient against the public. In practice, the agenda-setting theory significantly correlates to the mass media. In order to effectively discuss this topic, it will be essential to understand the agenda-setting theory. To some extent, the impact of
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Xx states that news can be easily distributed across the public sphere, therefore, the accessibility to news will be highly available. Especially that current society heavily relies on new media techniques (e.g. BBS, blogs, social media), actually diversified types of news can be easily gained. Xx researches that agenda-setting theory refers to the effective influence of media practices to salient social topics when facing the mass. According to xx, modern social activities actually connect news practices incessantly to affect ideas and behaviors of people. In facing prominent news matters, social responses can form communities, and then, inside members share the same viewpoint and identities. Tentatively, the attention of the certain news event makes communities concentrated. In this way, practices of citizens actually will be continuously directed and guided by news matters. However, some highly attentive news can arouse the drastic community response, to affect public opinions. Moreover, xx indicates that agenda-setting always illustrate false contents in order to build the new ideology on behalf of benefits of the top leadership. In most cases, …show more content…
In other words, diversified news matters support social activities of being developed in accordance with the overall policy for the society construction. According to xxx, happens of the external world will be triggered by news. When news will be released, parts of practices of the globe will be changed in the initiative manner. In a stable society environment, the reality actually has been already shaped. In the context, potential news activities contribute to the consolidation about the society infrastructure for the sustainable development. In xxx, globalization contains unexpected uncertainties to make potential communities chaotic, confused or turbulent. In such situation, policy makers must take actions to build another human-oriented reality for the development of democracy. In fact, the society governance needs the assistance of news. In this way, public opinions can be effectively promoted, especially that key social activities will be generated to improve society governance and construction. Through supports of journalists, beneficial news can be acquired to produce positive energies in supporting the reality adjustment of a better public sphere. In particular, experienced and professional journalists will be skillful at engaging in news activities in fitting within potential needs of policy makers. Continuously, the particular version of

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