Agency Vs. Social Structure Essay

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Smit Shah
SOCI 1501
Midterm Exam
Agency vs. Social Structure
One of the most controversial topic in sociology would be the debate of Agency vs. Social Structure. In this debate agency is people in society originate from and what their fundamental values and understanding of what is accepted and what is not accepted. To define further what agency is, I would say that it is individual’s ability to make choices in society, choices that are not guided by nothing but rather their own desired or you could call it “free will”. Some of the examples of agency would be places like school, church, sports club, social group, and peer group. To define what Social Structure is in this debate, I would say that it’s how the social structure influences the individual or, how does the social structure impact on decisions that we make and how does the social forces that exist outside the individual have any impact on the choices that we make. The debate of agency vs. social structure is nothing more than arguing who has more power in making decisions, the individual or the social structure.
When I first learned about what agency vs. social structure debate is all about the first example that came to mind that very well demonstrates the agency vs. social structure debate is example about parents or households in which you grow up. In the example where most people are taught from birth how to act in society, people are taught what is right and what is wrong from birth, they are taught what…

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