Ageism In Business Essay

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The Practice of Ageism Thrives in U.S. Businesses The older applicant has to reinvent themselves. In preparation for a job search, the over 40 crowd has to hone tech skills which includes social media, spruce up appearances, and modify attitudes. Resumes need to be polished and tailored to the specific job advertised. Interviewing skills should be re-evaluated and practiced. Interviewees need to be prepared to discuss their accomplishments as well as weaknesses and share what has been learned from the weaknesses. The job hunter should research themselves online and assess what is found. Determine if online portrays a desirable candidate or not. If not, make changes (Alleyne 44).
“Attitude is even more serious than appearance,” (Alleyne 44).
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Stephen Laser, a business psychologist and managing director of his own personnel firm, has discovered three issues that can effect an applicant’s success in a job interview; age, attitude and appearance, Laser calls these “the three A’s”. Age is an unchangeable issue. However, attitude and appearance can be transformed if necessary. Perhaps a complete transformation is not required but certainly improved. Laser believes that attitude is a greater determining factor than appearance. Laser cautions the older candidate not to sabotage the interview by airing frustrations of job hunting. Organization and planning will soften the difficulties of the job hunting process and minimize the inevitable stress associated with seeking employment.
My research paper, “Ageism is Alive and Thriving in U.S. Businesses,” is about companies practicing age discrimination. More specifically, addressing the discrimination against hiring the older person who has recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. Additionally, identifying strategies and resources to prevent at least one seasoned worker from becoming just another

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