Ageism : Prejudice And Discrimination Directed Against People

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Ageism – Prejudice and discrimination directed against people because of their age; can be directed against any age group, including youth I had received my certified nursing assist certification when I was a junior in high school. I had tried getting a job as a CNA after I had graduated, but no one would hire me. It didn’t matter that I had made a perfect score on my state exam, which consisted of a procedure and written exam, or that I had promised to be the best employee, they saw me unfit for the job because of my age. Everywhere wanted someone that was older and had more experience.
Credential society – the use of diplomas, degrees, or certificates to determine who is eligible for jobs Right now I’m going to school to be a registered nurse. Before I could even get think about getting a bachelor’s degree in nursing, I had to get a high school diploma. I have to take pre-courses before applying for the nursing program. I also have to an entrance test and make sure that I have certain immunizations. I have to make sure that I am certified in CPR and first aid before I start the program. Once I earn my bachelor’s degree, I have to take a state test so I could continue practicing nursing. When working as a nursing, you have to take a tuberculosis test every couple of years and get recertified in CPR and first aid.
Deviance – the violation of a social norm by behavior or beliefs When I was younger, someone had broken into our house and stole my laptop, along with other…

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