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Age associated declines in cognitive processes are important to the understanding of the human mind. This study investigates the relationship between ageing and short term memory in particular, by first exploring current cognitive and neuroscientific research involving concepts such as short term/working memory, long term memory and ageing, and secondly, by means of a short term memory experiment involving verbal and numerical stimuli, that was administered to two age groups- 20 to 40 year old adults and 50 to 70 year olds. The results of the experiment were then analysed using the ANOVA statistical software programme. The results did not conclusively show age related decline
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Optimal cognitive functioning is a most prized possession, a most valuable human resource, with memory being an integral focus area in cognitive neuroscience research. More specifically, research investigating the association between ageing and cognitive decline is imperative if one considers that a growing population throughout the world is sixty five years and older (Sternberg, 2006)
According to Cohen (2005), as cited in Park and Reuter – Lorenz (2009) a longer life-span and low birth –rates will result in more older adults than children under 15 in developed countries by the 2050. Age related deficiencies in cognitive and mental capabilities is a major concern for these older adults (Sue, Et Al, 2006), and self-observed complaints about the deterioration of memory related abilities are frequent. As such, it is essential that significant ground is covered in age-related cognitive impairments to maximise human mental functioning and potential with increased age, thereby reducing both tangible and intangible cost of cognitive decline to the individual, and society, as well as arenas such as politics & economy.
Indeed, scientific research has lent substance to self observed memory deterioration with age by producing evidence of cognitive & neurophysiologic changes. (Park, Et Al, 2009).


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