Essay about Age Of Opportunity By Tripp

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In his book, Age of Opportunity, Tripp works to discuss the biblical role of parenting in a teenager’s life. While this book is not specifically geared toward youth ministry, many aspects of it can still be taken and used to supplement the youth leaders approach toward teenagers. This is because youth ministry is meant to compliment and support the family. Three things that specifically impacted me while reading this book include Tripp’s chart that identifies the themes of modern culture, his discussion on taking small steps to address change, and his points on preparing teenagers to leave home. Each of these ideas have helped to further shape and mold the way I will carry out my ministry.
On page forty-eight of his book, Tripp offers a chart that helps to identify the idols of modern culture, ways to identify the idols, and ways to battle the idols. Tripp explains the importance of this chart, saying, “The cultural canvas is stained with sin and until eternity, human culture will never again perfectly reflect the will of God. This is why responding to culture is so important. It is one of our primary moral struggles. Teenagers need to grow up understanding this and being prepared for it” (146). These themes, or idols, that Tripp outlines are not something that parents or leaders should keep to themselves. I think it is very important to inform teens of the areas in which they could stumble in order to help them avoid those stumbling blocks. This is why Tripp’s chart is so…

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