Age Limit Should Be Lowered At 18 Years Of Age Essay

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California Passed the drinking age act in 1984 for all consumers of alcohol had to be 21 years of age to buy and consume. Was this a good idea? Is this making young teens stay away from alcohol, and making our cities safe? Age limit should be lowered to 18 years of age because there should be no reason why try to keep teens away from something that they are going to get one way or another. Many teens get alcohol from older siblings, seeing parents and influencing other teens to do the same and hurt them self’s without knowing the responsibilities that comes to drinking. Germany’s laws allow 14 year olds to consume wine, and beer, with the supervision of parents and show them how alcohol is taken and how is it consume responsibly. The goal is not to take alcohol away from teenagers, but to show them to become responsible when consuming alcohol, and parents to show them young so when they are going to do it alone they will know how to drink responsibly, without any cases of D.U. I’s.
Lowering the agee limit in alcohol consume will help prevent more car accidents, having young teens hide from parents to go out to drink and end up driving not only costing them their life’s but other innocent person’s life. “In 2014 9,967 were killed in alcohol impaired driving crashes…” ( There is less D.U. I’s in countries that have lowered they age limit for example Europe who lowered their age limit at 18 have had less car accidents throughout the years. This is due to having teens…

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