Age Difference Has A Whole New Meaning For The Western World Essay

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Age Difference Does Matter in a Relationship
Age difference has a whole new meaning for the western world in the XXI century, this is because roles have also changed between men and women. When it comes to relationships, it’s more usual to see an older man with a younger woman, but what if their ages where switched? Now seeing older women with younger men is becoming a trend, we see it a lot with famous people. Does age difference does matter in a relationship? If were talking about a long-term relationship and not just a fling, yes it does. Why does it matter? Well let’s start first by saying that they can have different interests when it comes to a relationship. The younger person might be just looking for experience, especially men in ages between 18 and 20s they aren’t really looking for nothing too serious. In the other end the older person would be looking to settle down, ages between 30 and up, they would like to form a family and have kids. If they are older they might already have children and have burned this stage of their life. When initiating a relationship with someone who does not have is important to make clear whether or not willing to be a father / mother again. It also occurs a lot that the older person shows a good economic level, and they compensate their youth with this fact. Then the older person captivates the younger because their pity is awaken by their circumstances and the younger subtly takes advantage of the situation. According to Health…

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