Agatha Christie's The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd

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Agatha Christie is one of the greatest mystery novel writers of all time, if not the greatest. Her work is carefully written and architected. She will bring all of the emotions into her stories. For example, fear, excitement, sadness, betrayal, anger, and joy. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie is the best example of these emotions, and the best example of the way she writes her stories. This book was carefully put together with an immense amount of planning. The reader will not be able to put the book down and they will not be able to quit making assumptions on who the murderer was. She opens the book with a death. The story takes place in twentieth century England in a town called Kings Abbott. The characters Christie put in …show more content…
There is no point in putting the book down. When the reader is experiencing this riveting plot, it seems as if nothing else matters until the reader discovers the unanticipated murder. Anger, excitement, betrayal, joy, and sadness are all in the last few pages of the book when the murderer is revealed, but Christie finds a way to paint every page, sentence, and word with these emotions. That is what makes it so exciting and entertaining to read. Some of the highlights of the book are the unique and vast characters delicately placed into the book. At the end, when the murderer has been revealed, she tells you how the murderer almost successfully killed Roger Ackroyd without being noticed or caught. That is definitely one of the uncountable strengths of the book. This book had few weaknesses that are hard to name. This book fits for any type of reader who enjoys any type of book; fiction, mystery, autobiography, nonfiction, historical fiction, because this book has all of those trait in it. That is another one of the boundless reasons that this book is so special and fits for any kind of reader no matter what age. It is exciting. It keeps you on your feet. The experience I had with this book was very unique. I fell in love with the book right away from the first sentence. As a picky reader, that was surprising to take in. I have never been so mentally engaged with a book. This was definitely the first time I could not put a book down. Christie made it very organized, therefore it was easy to understand even at its most complex scenes. I recommend this book to any age group above the age of ten. This story checks all of the boxes and meets all of the demands. It was an exciting book and it was interesting to see how Christie organized it to make the structure

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