Agape Love: The Concepts Of Love To All In The World

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Love is a concept everybody want to have in their life from all. And from the Greeks have Agape love that is mostly an unconditional love, someone is able to give and get. Everyone want to get love from god or feel loved. God and Jesus gave love to all, even if they did believe of not. And as human, one of propose here is to love all in the world and beyond that too. It was all about the love that god gave and how able to forgive all our sins and help us in our time of need. And for that reason Jesus died for us, so that we are able to have a better life. God is with all to aid us and from that love, have the idea of Christianity that from his love, we all came to this world.
To begin with, from past and reading, have the idea that god is the
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Sharpe explain in lecture that Jesus was God, son of god, son of man, wise teacher, phony, normal person, savior, loved people, etc. (Who is Jesus, October 9, 2015). Some thought he was really the son of god that had come to help us. Yet for the others that did not believe and wanted him died for saying he was god that was a crime to state. And for Christians, Jesus is everything (Who is Jesus, October 9, 2015. For all the sacrifice he did for us that led to his death. From all the idea of who Jesus was, were able to get from the gospels. Additionally, have Jesus would do “healings, raising dead back to life, casting out demons= healings, supernatural “provision”, supernatural power over nature” (ministry of Jesus, October 14, 2015). He would be the one to help other and then just leave, not asking them to tell all of the miracles he does. Overall, for the sacrifice Jesus for us, that led Christian to believe in him and become a significant figure to follow and …show more content…
Since I am catholic and I believe in god and Jesus. I know that in that in the catholic worldview and Christian worldview they both think “there is a God who existed before the world existed, and he is the ultimate origin of everything else” (Kim, Fisher & McCalman, 2009, p.116-117). I know that both catholic and Christian are able to have a baptism. Yet I know that catholic have first Holy Communion and Confirmation, since I had both my first communion and confirmation when I was young. I know catholic worship the saints and that Christian do not. In addition, able to see that “The Christian worldview, rooted in the work of Christ on the cross and the human response of faith, gives rise to a distinct form of ethics” (Merrick, 2014, para. 22).also have that “All Christians today are in a sense united in so far as they are all baptized in the one Lord and confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior” (Goosen, 2014, p.9). Yet catholic, are also baptized in the one Lord and they would also confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. In all, both have similarity in that they both believes in god and Jesus, yet some differences in how they live their life and

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