The Battle Between Agamemnon And Helen In The Iliad

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According to text, “The Mycenaean’s were aggressive people who enjoyed fighting, hunting and athletic contests,” this does not come to a surprise that the Greeks would not jump to the chance to defeat an enemy; especially under the circumstances of the Trojan War. The Greeks and Trojans were followers of the immortal gods, that loved war, and did not believe that they would be defeated.

The heroes in the Iliad are fighting over Helen, the wife of the Menelaus king. After Helen had been promised to the prince of troy by Aphrodite; Paris, the Prince of Troy, had taken Helen away to Troy. Angered, her husband had begun gathering an army to bring her back to him with the help of this dear brother. Successfully, Menelaus had gathered enough Greeks to support him in the war against the Trojans. Those that he gathered did not frown upon hearing the
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Agamemnon, being selfish in his own mistakes; removes Achilles wife of honor for sacrifice instead of his own wife, bringing dispute between Agamemnon and his greatest, godlike warrior. The arguments between Agamemnon and Achilles escalated quickly; Achilles stated, “By the staff I am holding in my hands, I swear before you a might oath. When hundreds of Greeks fall to their deaths before man slaying Hector and you cannot defend them, all the Greeks will long for Achilles’ help. Then you will sorrow in your heart, knowing that by refusing to honor the best of the Greeks, you have caused their destruction. “Nestor, attempting to deescalate the dispute, mentioned the powers and strength of Agamemnon and advised Agamemnon to return Briseis to Achilles, however; Agamemnon declined and set forth with his plan. The circumstances in which Achilles would join the battle, “I will not join the fighting until Hector brings fire to my own ships, and there I will stop

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