Against The Grain By Melinda Moyer Essay

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Against the Grain

Melinda Moyer, the author of the article Against the Grains, argues that carbohydrate is able to cause obesity or chronic disease from a scientific angle. She shows how the low-carb notion developed in past years. Many credible evidences that stated by all kinds of scientists were cited to support the author’s argument. Also, she lists a few opposite ideas in order to support critical thinking. For my opinion, this article is a good academic article because the author uses plenty of statements and researches of scientists in various field, which can improve the credibility of this article. Besides, there are many statistics evidence to raise the logical level of the article. Moreover, Moyer uses his own losing-weight experience to appeal the Pathos from the audience. However, I think the academic article should not mention personal experience too frequently. It should focus on all the human beings. This article interests me most, because I thought obtain grains is good for health, also, I eat grains every day for almost every meal. It changed my mind. I may not obtain as many grains as did after reading this article.

All the Single Ladies

The author of All the Single Ladies, Kate Bolick is a single lady and support women can live well without men. She uses her own ex-relationship to start the article and uses many other evidences to prove her idea, which includes her mother’s and her famous friend’s experiences and statistic data. The strength of…

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