Against Love Analysis

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You’ll be mine. I’ll be yours. Everything will be perfect until one fucks up, but what if no one fucks up? Yes, if no one fucks up you made it to the finish line of a “happily ever after.” Love is such a crazy thing you know, one day is alive and growing and the next is fading until it dies. Everyone will have their view on love but I believe that love is vague, for one knows about today but not about tomorrow. In her critique of love, “Against Love,” Laura Kipnis offers a judgmental version of what constitutes “real love”. She questions whether we truly desire love, or rather, or conditioned to. She asserts that social forms accustomed us to pursuit a love life so that we are entertain and wanted. But everyone has a different opinion on the …show more content…
It seems that societal expectations will force couples to remain being couples even when the relationship is not heathy. No one wants to be look down upon, and Kipnis reassures that the reason we act the way we do is because society expects us to do so. Kipnis believes that “love may or may not be a universal emotion, but clearly the social forms it takes are infinitely malleable” (801). It is more than evident that Kipnis is referring to the daily challenges and commitments a couple faces to make one another happy. While couples work together to achieve a desirable and satisfactory relationship, they might have to sacrifice part of their life. It all comes down to the idea that each individual in a relationship has to communicate and express their concerns and dislikes so that the other will adjust and make the relation better. Together they should be able to come to an agreement and make things work, but when someone in the relationship seems to be weaker, the other may take advantage. When Mel refers to his girlfriend’s previous relationship, he seems to hold his ground in believing that her ex didn’t love her for me mistreated her. Even when she tells him that he loved her differently she believes that it was true love but Mel responds by saying; “I’m not interested in that kind of love, If that’s

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