Memorial Union Theatre: Concert Report

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This concert was performed at the Memorial Union theatre. The stage was set with 3 small sections of seating that could fit around 200 people. The seats were arranged in a way that created an atmosphere that felt much like an amphitheater. The stage is set with 3 small sections of instruments that all face the audience. One section is the Conga drums, the second is the piano and cello, and the last section is the drum set. The stage and the performers are set to a black backdrop that provides the background. The most important aspect from the audiences view is that the lights are only on the stage, providing all the attention in one direction. With regards to the audience, all patrons are wearing a variety of different attire, which leads …show more content…
Songs could be fast or slow paced, lyrically accompanied or not, but all the songs included the same 4 instruments: piano, cello, Conga Drums, and a rock drum set. With that said, I believe the song that best represents the overall theme of this music was titled “From Within.” As was the case for all of the songs this band performed there was a unique twist to the typical Afro-Cuban jazz style. This piece was centered on the sound of the piano, with all other instruments used like an accompanying sound. This song was very loud and powerful. It also featured a very strong repeating rhythm. It was also polyrhythm by having each instrument playing a different major rhythm in the song. This polyrhythm provided a lot to listen to, along with the feeling of organized chaos—having so many rhythms makes it seem disorganized and chaotic, but they all connected and flowed together providing a sense of organization. The form of the song was ABACA because it was evident the song would continue to return to a previously played “chorus” before venturing into a new and unique “verse” or section. The volume of the piece stayed at a high level with no variation apparent throughout the whole piece. The most unique facet that both this piece and the general musical style provide is the presence of the conga drum. The distinctive and irreplaceable sound that the conga drum delivers plays a major role in the individuality of Afro-Cuban

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