Essay on African Women During The Eighteen And Nineteenth Century

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During the eighteen and nineteenth-century, the notions of freedom were distinctively different than they are now. Slavery was a form of exploitation of a human being, whom through enslavement lost their humanity and freedom, and were subjected to dehumanizing conditions. African woman and men were often treated the same exact same way, especially when induced to labor, they would become a genderless individual in the sight of the master. Although a white woman was superior to the slaves, she had little power over the household, and other actions without the consent of their husbands. Enslaved woman’s notion to conceive freedom was different, yet similar to the way enslaved men and white woman conceived freedom. Black women during slavery fought to resist oppression in order to gain their freedom. That didn’t guarantee them absolute freedom from slavery, but it helped them preserve the autonomy that otherwise would’ve been taken away from them. Resistance allowed black men and woman to feel empowered over slavery. Everyday, slaves endured the harsh behaviors of their masters. Enslaved woman were treated like men so they were considered genderless for their own advantage but, “…When they could be exploited, punished and repressed in ways suited only for women, they were locked into their exclusively female roles” (Davis, 10). Women were vulnerable to the acts of their masters and to all, “…forms of sexual coercion”(Davis, 10). They same abused and mistreatment was…

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