African Slavery And African Americans Essay

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The transition of the “Peculiar Institution” from a necessary evil to a “productive good” was the cause of many shifts in societal thought on slavery and African Americans. First of all, the rise of the Cotton Kingdom made slavery a near essential part of the South’s economy. In the nineteenth century, sugar was replaced by cotton as the world’s most important crop grown and harvested by slave labor. The abolition of slavery in Britain made America the world’s largest economy built upon the institution. By 1803, cotton had become the United States’ most important export, and by the beginning of the Civil War, represented over half of the value of all American exports. Nonetheless, while the South was The Cotton Kingdom, the North benefitted from slavery as well. Merchants and manufacturers (called “Lords of the Loom”) bought cotton supplied by southern slaveowners (called the “Lords of the Lash”). Meanwhile, many northerners viewed slavery as something holding the nation back economically, due to its heavy involvement in Southern culture and society. Slavery vigorously shaped southern race, politics, religion, and law, making emancipation seem like an impossible and unpleasant feat. More often than not, the ownership of slaves seemed to provide wealth, status, and influence. It was a profit making system, shown by the large economic practice of buying and selling slaves and the increased effort to take care of the slaves to keep their work and monetary value. Therefore, this…

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