Essay on African Influence On Ancient Civilizations

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African influence in ancient Asia and Mesopotamia 

 The earliest modern humans to occupy Asia and Mesopotamia were those Homo sapiens who migrated there from Africa (Rashidi 2012, 18). These humans impacted the first ancient civilizations and in turn, aspects of today 's culture. The African presence is seen in art and architecture, spiritual ideas, and in the creation of physical civilizations. 
 Many aspects of architecture show inspiration from African structures. For example, ziggurats built in ancient Sumer are similar to step pyramids in Egypt. While the two are architecturally similar, there is a difference in the materials used and the intended purpose of each. The ziggurats are built from a fired-mud brick, while the pyramids are built from limestone. Also, the ziggurats were used as a temple for worship, compared to the use of the tombs as a tomb for the deceased (Prof. Hudelson, 2015). 
 Artistically, there have been pieces found that depict people who have African facial features and skin color. These include artifacts found in China, for example a bronze statue from Shang dynasty China around 1250 BCE…

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