African Imperial Achievements

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African empires, Kingdoms, and Cities have accomplished many important achievements over the many years they have existed. Many people normally think of the fulfillments made after the European arrival and colonization, but there were also some important and greater achievements before the European foreigners came. These accomplishments helped further the development Africa's empires. The Africans had many great achievements before the Europeans arrived, such as creating a successful trade center, organizing a strong government, and acquiring their one of a kind cultural arts.
The African empires created a big business center when they developed Aksum. This trade center was very helpful for the African civilizations because its traffic routes
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This shows a lot when the Arab traders wanted gold and the Wangara wanted salt, but they had to pass through Ghana to do business. Ghana controlled the land and It had many military forces and security to maintain peace in the area. This is an exceptional accomplishment because it enhanced the trade coming through. This helped the Arabs and the Wangara with their trade because it made their routes a lot less dangerous. (Doc 3). This is a good example of their active government and their abilities of protecting their people and land. This is a immense achievement for the african empire because it greatened the trade coming through because of the lack of danger in the area. A quote from an Arab scholar states “ Behind the King stand ten pages holding swords decorated with gold, and on his right are the sons of the subordinate kings of his …show more content…
Their culture is well known by many and their art style is very common in our world today. A very commonly used way of art that has changed the world was their bronze sculptures. The making of these also ties into their culture and religion. The document states “ in the name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful.” (Doc 7). Allah is the god in their religion and took a big effect in their accomplishments before the Europeans came. This document shows one of great achievements acquired by the African empires because it is a art style that is used today for its creativity and connection to their culture. Another example of the strong culture the African empires had is shown when a moroccan traveler describes one of the villages where they sell their written books for more than the other merchandise in the store. (Doc 5). This is a great example of how their culture was active and valued the work and art made by their own kind. This is a great success for the African people because it shows their strong culture that cares for one another and their work making it one of the most organized and trustworthy culture

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