African Food And Its Effects On Africa Essays

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African food famines have become more frequent, widespread, and severe. Numerous factors have caused a region wide food shortage including political instability, technology gaps, and numerous agricultural issues. In Africa, despite the great strides of development programs, countries still experience famine because of government/civil war confliction describing the need for more secure forms of agriculture. The technology gaps between farmers in developed countries and those in developing countries gives the means for more efficient farming solutions. Agricultural problems can include soil infertility, drought, and land degradation which could be combated by more resilient forms of agriculture. Increasing production in Africa will not solve food shortage issues within the region, rather, agriculture needs to be more secure, resilient, and more efficient within African regions. Developmental famine programs have made great leaps to aid the future of Africa’s current food famine. Violence and political instability have made it difficult for aid agencies to distribute sufficient amounts of food to suffering areas. An article in 2011 from showed that clashes between the Somalian government and Al-Shabaab militants prevented any organizations to influence the 2011 famine. Al-Shabaab expelled any outside contact which resulted in an estimated 250,000 deaths. Increasing the amount of food production will only result in steps backwards because the surplus of food…

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