African Colonialism : A Long And Complicated History Essay

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Africa has a long and complicated history so its evident that the issues surrounding Sub-Sahara African countries are dialectical, it is without a doubt that determining the cause of civil war and other violent conflicts issues would be just as complicated. Africa’s history with European Colonialism caused serious implications for the future of the countries both on the mainland and the islands. Politics following the post-colonialism period had also adverse affects on the future of African nations with the rise and fall of the cold war and also the subsequent political powers to come. Emphatically, colonial and post-colonial factors have contributed to the rise of civil wars in African countries. However, in the case of most Sub-Sahara African countries, there is no single root cause of an individual conflict or the reoccurrence of civil wars. Admittedly, some causes of conflict are ethnicity, poverty, and weakness of the state with the combination of strength of non-state authorities and what colonialism’s role is inn each of them. Ultimately, these sources of conflict can also in turn be the affect of civil wars reinforcing how dialectical issues regarding African Countries are.
Colonialism and post-colonialism factors have had a significant impact on Africa’s issues with civil wars for many reasons. Colonialism exploited resources and the people of sub-Saharan Africa countries by enslaving and subjugating the indigenous populations. The absolute goal of colonialism was…

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