African Born Healer Domingos Alvares Essay

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During the 18th century The Atlantic World was the major area for trading, not just of goods but for the trading of peoples, cultures, diseases, and religions. The coasts of Eastern Africa, North and South America, and Europe made up the Atlantic World, and many people of that time period got a chance to be apart of the interactions between those empires. Yet, none of them with so interesting of a story as African-born healer Domingos Alvares. He moved between West Africa, Brazil, and Portugal; taking along with him his open mind, charisma, and deep spirituality. Although uprooted against his will, Domingos played a huge role in the Atlantic World through his use of religious pluralism, healing practices, and strong sense of social kindred ship, he was the embodiment of an Atlantic World historical figure. Domingos was immersed in the Vodun practices from the start, growing up with both of his parents holding high positions of leadership in their religious community. In addition to Vodun, they also prayed to the deity Sakpata, who was associated to small pox- a prominent disease in that region. After the death of both of his parents, Domingos was able to step up and take their place. With his rich knowledge of the religion and extraordinary talent of healing, Domingos led a tight nit group of followers that he considered like family. Unfortunately due to his position, Domingos was a target, and that led to his eventual capture, enslavement, and displacement. He was sold…

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