Essay about African And The African Diaspora

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The fact that the African diaspora dispersed with knowledge, ideas, customs, culture, and even abstract philosophies demonstrates that the circulation throughout the Black Atlantic and the world is fundamental for the development of Africa as a place of reference for them. The African diaspora diffused a sense of leaving behind a history of originality for the recreation of a new identity. The contributions from the African diaspora resulted in different interpretive perspectives in relation to their arrival communities throughout the world. This circulation of the African diaspora resulted in the development of the global mobility of overlapping diasporas with the merge of other cultures in regards of the opening of the African Burial Center in New York City, the spread of African religious philosophies and humanism in regard of the health and healing systems, and the outcome of different distributions of African mechanism and innovations in the rice industry. Although, at the same time, there are dysfunctional perspectives when the African diaspora returns to Africa, due to the lost of their roots and understanding of their past. There is a new generation of African diaspora in the world, in contrast, to the old African diaspora. This essay demonstrates the ability of the African diaspora in connecting with African culture in the global diasporas with of other cultures with the evidence from Robin Kelley and Tiffany Patterson’s article, “Unfinished Migrations: Reflections…

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